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It's finally here!!!  You can file your tax on-line

Tax payers are now able to file and pay their taxes online. The public would also be able to register themselves and or their company.


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altBookkeeping can be defined simply as keeping daily records of business financial transactions. It is important that one makes a habit of recording the business transactions every day. It will help one to make precise and efficient business decisions.


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  • Please fill out your return in block letters with a pen and not in pencil.
  • Always remember to sign your return.
  • Ensure that a copy of the TD'5 slip from your employer is attached to your return.
  • Always indicate if there is a change of address and fill out the other particulars eg. Date of birth etc.


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Filing Tax Returns

Each and every year the staff of the Inland Revenue is engaged in providing assistance to individuals in completing their Personal Income Tax Returns.


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Deadline for Filing Tax Returns


Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 is the deadline for employees and self-employed persons to file their Personal Income Tax Returns for Income Year 2014.


Any balance of tax is also payable by Tuesday, March 31st, 2015.